Expanding consciousness awareness and the heartful quest to restore relationships

Expanding consciousness awareness and the heartful quest to restore relationships

Please enjoy this information website. As for the many sea pictures, I regularly meet up with friends at our pier for an early morning swim.

Hello, I'm Jean

Relationships permeate the very fabric of existence. Everything is connected to everything else creating an intricate, dynamic web of relationships. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by these invisible connections that hold everything in place while also allowing all to evolve and grow. It is through relationships that we know ourselves, our surroundings and all else knows itself. I find this layered complexity beautiful and fascinating.

We all long to live in harmony with others and the world around us; to grow in personhood and be creative; to be spiritually attuned yet grounded in the realities of day-to-day living. Most of us bring the gifts of our accomplishments and services to the world and we do so with high intention. However, managing our relationships can be very challenging. When things get stuck or go off the rails, it is generally due to some or other relationship going wrong.

If it is our relationships that define who we are, then wanting to have healthy relationships is something worth striving for. What can be done to optimize relationships? How do we make adjustments without upsetting the proverbial apple cart? Where does one start? This is what I’ve been studying for many years now. The five approaches and methodologies that have especially influenced me, are:

  • Narrative Therapy and the work of Joseph Campbell
  • Hellinger’s Family and Organizational Constellations
  • Boszormenyi-Nagy and Krasner’s Contextual approach
  • The Enneagram
  • Wilber’s Integral approach and Spiral Dynamics

Underpinning all of these is Systems view of the world and the knowledge that all is imbued with divine consciousness.

I wear a number of different hats: sometimes I’m a leadership coach and facilitate team building events; for the longest time I’ve been a lecturer, writer and workshop facilitator. I also do one-on-one counselling for those seeking constellations.




Family life takes on various forms and shades of health and well-being. Whatever we experiencing at an individual level, in some of other way relates back to our families of origin. Old hurts continue to haunts us but our ancestral lines also gift us great resilience and fortitude.

Together we explore the traumas and gifts the families we are born into, bestow on us in a safe and confidential.

I offer constellations, narrative therapy and workshops that teach how to manage conflict and communicate well in a non-blaming, productive way.


Community self-determination is on the rise in South Africa. As societal challenges bump up against state lethargy, there is a need to stand together and develop ground up solutions.

To do so all voices need to be represented – from neighborhood initiatives to businesses, faith groupings, NPOs, NGOs and more. Only then will we arrive at well-functioning, just and fair communities.

Learn how to facilitate processes to improve the functioning of your community or set constellations to find out which corrective actions would best suit your community.


Multi-culturalism is a feature of all organizations. I’m happy to explore the racial tensions that plague our society with great sensitively while also addressing matters such as company culture and globalism.

Family businesses tend to be complex and emotionally entangled while also being most enduring. I help you navigate trans-generational complexities while ensuring the continuity of the whole.

As an Integral leadership coach and facilitator, I offer Teambuilding events that help you address relational challenges in your workplace.