JMW Consulting

Constructive corporate cultures, healthy communities, pathways to nation building...

all the while recognizing our cultural diversity 

Consciously undertaking the above entails a heroic journey.

The interventions I offer incorporate vision quests, scenario planning, Open Space Technologies, Theory U, organizational constellations and storytelling. It’s about future shaping while being fully cognizant of current dilemmas and stuckness.

These dynamic facilitation methods allow that which is present in the system to emerge so that problem-solving happens in an organic, co-creative manner. For me it’s about forging a better story for the Global South. Is this so for you too?

I also offer train-the-trainer workshops in Group Dynamics, the Art of Facilitating Adult Learning, Emotions and the Social Brain, and ways to expand conscious leadership.

Pathfinding in the 21st Century

As screws tighten in every aspect of our lives, there is a yearning for a new story; one that is more equitable, sustainable and joyful. Having taught Spiral Dynamics for several years, I felt such change would only be impactful if it happens at the level of consciousness. In a very practical way it must also address the needs of the Global South within the context of humanity’s Journeys in Collective Consciousness. Using the time-honoured tradition of storytelling we review the past, assess the present and consider how a future we all want to be part of, may be brought about. 

Using the JiCC storytelling map,  you and your community or organization are guided through an emergent process to uncover your own solutions and the best pathway forward.